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8723932.cmsLoving More is pleased to bring a fabulous series of monthly one hour webinar classes on polyamory. At Loving More our goal is to support and educate people on polyamory and relationship possibilities. Webinars allow us to bring information and education directly to you.

The Webinars are online and can be accessed from anywhere with a computer and good Internet connection and are also available by phone.
There is a small charge for webinars to help cover the costs of production. Webinars are always free for Loving More Donating Members. We periodically offer webinars free to everyone.


April Webinar

4/21/15 – 9:00 PM Eastern Time

Creating A Line Family: Love, Abundance and Belonging in the New MillenniumRichard Gilmore

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80966270Even if you have never read a page of Robert Heinlein’s work, you have probably heard of line families. Monastic orders are line families that have, in some cases, lasted for centuries. Many of the richest families on Earth use line family concepts to maintain stability, increase power and grow wealth. But what does the line family concept hold for polyamorous families?

We think that a line family will provide its members with financial security, emotional health and love and sharing. None of the individual things we talk about are new or exotic; however, the framework of the line family as a semi-conjugal unit is a new form of an extremely old, pre-agricultural social arrangement.

When polyamorous people fall in love, they sometimes choose to live in multi-adult households. When long term poly families are together 30 years or more, three or four working adults can accumulate a strong portfolio. Then what?  We will share what we have learned from research and experience.

Why would you expand a polyamorous family over multiple generations? How does a large group of intelligent and opinionated adults make decisions for the group? Who owns the real estate? Where would a large line family live? This and many other questions are discussed in our presentation.

Richard Gilmore

rlgHeadShot-306Richard Gilmore is a long time polyamory activist, researcher and writer. His primary research is on poly family economics, group decision making and non-sexual intimacy. As the vice president of Polycamp NW he was a charter member of the board of directors for the first 10 years. Richard was also the host of Seattle’s Poly Potluck. He joined Elon and her husband Jim, over 14 years ago, to form a triad that quickly grew to a quad with in addition of Jim’s girlfriend Judy to the family. Richard has completed writing a book, with his coauthor Elon, that expands on the topics they cover in their presentation. Elon and Richard have given their presentation across the country from Maui to upstate New York, at science fiction conventions and private homes. They have completed their book, Creating a Line Family. It will be released at the 2015 World Science Fiction Convention in late August.

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“The presentation was wonderful!”
“Thank you! I am new to poly and agreements and I don’t even know where to start, this gave me a great footing.”
“Your webinar was very informative, and I greatly enjoyed it.”