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Loving More nonprofit relies on donations big and small to maintain our programs that support and grow the polyamory community.


Robyn Trask Interview w/Korean Public Television

    • Providing education and support for people living or exploring polyamory
    • Offering resources, counseling and support to individuals interested in polyamory
    • Producing conferences, retreats and workshops focused on polyamorous relationships
    • Media outreach to bring
      Early Article on Polyamory, Baltimore Sun 2005
      Early Article on Polyamory, Baltimore Sun 2005
      polyamory awareness and acceptance.
    • Referrals and support for those facing discrimination in child custody, job environment, housing and possible legal issues.
    • Letting people know they are not alone in their relationship orientation.


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Denver Pride Parade 2016
Denver Pride Parade 2016

The Events are back! Stay in the know

Remember walking into a room and feeling like you are home? Well we are back to bringing you that amazing feeling with upcoming events including this year's polyamory retreat in September!

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