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Video is a Media Timeline spanning from 2005 to 2015 
created for Poly Living 2015.
Media interest in polyamory has grown over the past fifteen years as more and more people are questioning the one-size-fits-all tradition of monogamous relationships. Loving More Nonprofit has, since 2005, been instrumental in raising awareness and media interest through press releases and numerous interviews with media — from an appearance on the Christian Broadcast Network’s 700 Club in 2005, to Our America with Lisa Ling on the OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. We have a media page with links and listings of articles, radio shows and television coverage of polyamory. For an in-depth look at polyamory in media, we recommend the Polyamory in the News website.
Our Press Page presents our latest press release and information for reporters and producers interested in information about Loving More and/or wanting to find out more about polyamory. We keep an ongoing list of polyamory people willing to talk to the press, including activists, organizers and just average people who live a polyamorous lifestyle. Loving More’s Executive Director Robyn Trask, an expert on polyamory and polyamory families, is available for interviews and speaking engagements.

Small Gallery of Some Media Coverage

We will be uploading more media videos in the near future.

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