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Denver Pride Parade 2016

Loving More Donating Membership Support Polyamory Awareness, Education, and Acceptance!

Donating Memberships are designed to provide Loving More Nonprofit with on ongoing source of much needed revenue.  Like other nonprofit charity organizations, we rely on donations for most of our programs and funding. It is our hope that Loving More continues to be a valuable resource for polyamory and that you find enjoyment and benefit from our conferences, online articles and resources as well as our ongoing work with the media for polyamory awareness.

What it means to be a Loving More Member?

Membership in Loving More means being part of an expanded community supporting new models of relationships based on love, honesty, and authenticity. By becoming a member, you declare your support for a new paradigm about the possibilities of love and connections. Your membership will help us inform people about the poly option, about making realistic and ethical relationship choices, and about what it means to be polyamorous.

Are there membership Benefits?

Volunteers Denver Pride Fest Outreach Booth
Volunteers Denver Pride Fest Outreach Booth
We understand many people choose to be a donating member simply because they love Loving More and want to help support polyamory awareness and education. Signing up for monthly recurring membership provides Loving More Nonprofit a steady monthly income we can count on.
Your contribution helps us to create programs to support polyamorous people and those wanting to learn more through education, polyamory resources, events, support groups, counseling, media outreach, and by creating new models for love and relationship choice.
In addition to contributing to a good cause, members receive special discounts on Loving More events, access to online education, bookstore discounts, and a professionals listing, depending on the membership level.

How do I become a supporting member?

Supporting Membership in Loving More is achieved through a minimum monthly donation of $10 or $120 annually . Simply check the box “Make this a monthly donation” to become a supporting member.
Whatever commitment you make is appreciated by all of the Loving More community.

Are Memberships Tax Deductible?

As a 501(c)3 nonprofit all donations and memberships except the professional memberships are 100% tax deductible. Professional memberships are 50% tax deductible as a charity donation but for most it is 100% tax deductible as business expense.

Simply check the box “Make this a monthly donation” to support Loving More all year long. Both monthly and annual donating memberships are accepted and your support is greatly appreciated.

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