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Magazine Submissions & Writer’s Guidelines

Loving More®  Submissions & Writer’s Guidelines

38CoverFinal INTWe thank you for your interest in Loving More Magazine and Nonprofit. We want to hear from you about your personal experiences in polyamorous relating, with family and/or clients. Polyamory is a multifaceted relationship orientation, what works for one family or individual may not work for others. Through sharing personal experiences of success and challenges we help others to figure out what works and doesn’t work for them.

Please read guidelines thoroughly.  By submitting articles to Loving More you agree to adhere the Loving More submission guidelines.
  1. Articles should be relevant to polyamory or other types of healthy relationships, including articles by people who are working to integrate polyamory into their lives.  But we consider other subjects based on relevancy to our mission statement.

  2. Article should be clear, concise, with a recommended length between 750 to 1800 words.

    • Extremely lengthy articles are only published when they are exceptional both in content and subject matter.

  3.  Unless prior arrangements are made, article submission should be in electronic format, either via our online form or e-mail.  For articles emailed, we accept either Microsoft Word format or plain text format in Times or Times New Roman font style, single spaced, 11pt to 14pt font.

  4. We edit all articles for content, style and space, but we do our best to maintain the tone of the article.  If you wish to be involved in the editing process, please contact us with that request.

  5.  Articles should be grammatically correct, with correct spelling and punctuation.  We edit every article, but a good raw material always helps.  Although English language can sometimes be lacking in expressing poly ideas, please minimize creating or using non-standard words.

  6. Since Loving More® is not a technical journal, please keep this in mind when writing an article.

  7. For style consistency, we follow the Associated Press Stylebook and Webster’s New World College Dictionary, whenever possible.  Both are available at a local bookstore.

  8.  We do not return submitted materials, so please retain a copy for yourself.

  9.  Along with articles, we also publish poems, cartoons, illustrations and photographs.  We look forward to establishing working relationships with quality artists.

  10. We do not publish pornographic materials or those containing explicit sexual content, unless the context is particularly relevant to issues related to polyamory.

  11.  We do not accept simultaneous submissions.  But we reprint, under legal permission, already-published articles if they have appeared online or in print elsewhere, or if they are particularly relevant to polyamory.

  12.  If an article is interesting, well-written and applicable, but does not fit the guidelines, please submit it anyway.  We are always open to good material and new surprises.

  13. As a nonprofit we can’t afford to pay writers we do include a biography with links at the end of the article.  We are looking for high-quality material, and all of our submissions are from people who are donating their work.

  14.  Please include a bio and contact info if you wish it to be included at the end of your article and how you want your name to be listed on the article, if you wish to be anonymous make that clear and give us a pseudonym to use.

  15. We welcome all submissions for review; however submission does not guarantee publication.

  16. All submissions are reviewed by a committee and may be used in online or in a printed issue.

  17.  Copyrights of articles published are shared with Loving More.  Authors retain copyright while Loving More has the right to publish articles from the magazine into future issues, online on the Loving More website and other media published under the Loving More Trademark.  (we do require that authors not submit articles published in Loving More for publication elsewhere for at least one year after the first publication by Loving More)

By submitting articles, stories, photographs or artwork you are agreeing to publication in Loving More Magazine online or in print and granting copyrights to Loving More as stated above in line 17.


Submissions should be emailed to [email protected]

For questions or concerns about guidelines and/or submissions please call 970-667-5683.

We greatly appreciate your contributions and submissions.

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