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Loving More® started out as PEPTalk Newsletter with the first printed issue in 1984. In 1991 the newsletter changed to Loving More and in 1994 became Loving More Magazine.  For many years Loving More Magazine was the only printed magazine dedicated exclusively to topics involving polyamorous multi-partner relating. We have issues both past and present that cover all different styles and logistics of polyamorous relating for individuals from the person new to or exploring polyamory for the first time to the long term polyamorous person. There is information on families, parenting, sexuality, dealing with jealousy, finding compersion and much more

In 2006 Loving More Magazine became Loving More Nonprofit, dedicated to education, support and awareness of polyamory. With the rising costs of print magazines and the shift of Loving More from a private business and magazine to a National Nonprofit Organization for Polyamory Awareness we now feature Loving More PEPTalk as our online Magazine. It is free to the public and supported by donations and donating memberships.

We still have numerous back issues available in print and PDF bundles of articles available to download. All proceeds of back issue magazines and PDFs benefit Loving More Nonprofit and our goals of polyamory awareness and education.

We do plan to produce printed Loving More Annual Issues as funding becomes available.

Whether it is our printed or online magazines, we at Loving More Nonprofit are dedicated to providing quality articles on topics related to polyamory and polyamorous relating. We welcome submissions and appreciate the many volunteer staff writers who share their wisdom with our community.

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