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The Passing of a Polyamory Trailblazer

Dear Loving More Community,

kutira photo shootIt is with a heavy heart that I bring the sad news that Deborah “Taj” Anapol has passed away. She was a major trailblazer for the modern polyamory movement, a sacred sex teacher, a spokesperson for polyamory, the author of one of the first published books on polyamory, Love Without Limits and one of the founders of Loving More® Magazine (along with Ryam Nearing) in 1994. Apparently she died in her sleep in Ireland, where she was getting ready to host an intensive workshop this weekend.

Deborah/Taj was outspoken and rocked the boat on monogamy before many of our current polyamory activists were even born. She was a pioneer in use of the internet to bring people together through IntiNet Resource Center (IRC) which published a long-running newsletter named Floodtide.

Love Without Limits was the first book on polyamory I ever read (it was all that was available at the time) and gave me tremendous hope. My personal favorite book she authored was Seven Spiritual Laws of Love.

For me, personally, Taj was someone I admired for her tenacity, a trait we share, and her willingness to keep going despite the hardship financially and personally that being a polyamory activist can bring. I have always felt a great deal of respect for her and gratitude for her part in founding Loving More. Without the work she, Ryam and others gave from their heart, most of us wouldn't be experiencing polyamory as it is today!

I often feel that many younger polyamorists have no idea of the amazing people like Taj who blazed a trail for us to be pioneers in relationships. Taj was a spiritual person and I truly hope that, wherever she is, she knows how much her works and writings have helped so many and that the love she gave to so many through her writing and teaching are greatly appreciated. She will be greatly missed, always remembered for her amazing work and the legacy that she left behind.

If I get permission, I will share the letter I received about her passing.

Love & Light,

Robyn Trask
Loving More


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