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Escape the Ordinary and Discover a World Immersed in Loving Connections and Polyamory Community!
Join Loving More for an amazing weekend of fun, learning, and heart centered connections.

Polyamory Retreat September 15-18, 2022

Join us……
and experience the heart centered connection 
that has always made Loving More Polyamory Retreats
so special. 

This four-day three-night retreat is a highly interactive extended weekend of community, connection and learning. 
We feel the best way to learn is to share with each other, so we offer a safe space for creative discourse, ideas, and time for social interaction. 

Please read Covid-19 Protocols

Loving More has been creating polyamory retreats and conferences for more than 30 years.

The natural venue and smaller group allow an opportunity for deep connections. There is a focus on working together as a community. For many the retreat is a place to explore, connect, play, and deepen our relationship to ourselves and others.
Each year the retreat brings a unique experience filled with the promise of new ideas, new insights, new friends — new connections of all kinds. The experienced facilitators and attendees offer a varied perspective on love, relationships, community and communication.

Past Retreat Experiences….

“I did not want the retreat to end, I learned so much and I fell in love with so many wonderful people.”
 “The most open and supportive, friendly, loving group of people I have ever met! Thank you”
“I felt such a wonderful sense of acceptance and connection, like be in a warm hug all weekend.”
“Since the Connection is what I Love, I found it just Divine”

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