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This is a list is an example f of workshops from past retreats. Workshops for 2022 will be posted soon.

Presentation Submissions

Polyamory Essentials

Darrell and Nancy Casey

“What characteristics need to be present for a polyamorous relationship to become successful?” We will discuss several different “flavors” of polyamory. Using music and humor in addition to several examples from our personal life we will compare poly and monogamy with respect to intentionality and the unique character of this lifestyle.


We’re Special . . . Aren’t We?

Valerie White

Whether or not polyamorists are more “evolved” than non-polyamorists, there’s no question we’re “different”. But just HOW are we different? Are we polyamorous because we are different? Or are we different because we’re polyamorous? Does it take a different skill-set to succeed in multi-partner relationships than in monogamous ones? Do we learn things from our polyamorous lives which are useful in the rest of our experience? And what do we teach and model for our children? Come and hear Valerie White’s reflections on this topic, and add your own.


The Spirit of Compersion in Polyamorous Relationships

Anita Wagner

Compersion? ‘What’s that?’ you ask. Compersion is a term that describes the positive emotional state of feeling happy for the love and happiness our partner(s) get by being in relationship with someone in addition to us. Some people are skeptical about whether such a state of mind is even possible. Yet it is indeed achievable and a source of spiritual joy for all concerned when we learn to overcome negative thinking and emotions and find security in our relationships no matter who else our partner(s) also love. Come hear more about how to get to an emotional and spiritual state that transcends jealousy and possessiveness and brings instead both peace of mind and bliss for all concerned.


Growing through Change

Darrell and Nancy Casey

How do you successfully survive unexpected change? How do you compost the “muck” of an acute crisis into the possibility of personal growth? This program explores the change process, based on Virginia Satire’s theories, using discussion, guided visualization, music and humor. The only constant in life is change. Join us in this adventure.

The Love and Logic Approach to Poly Relationships

Robyn Trask

Love and Logic techniques are great skills taught to parents on creating successful parenting. The tools of Love and Logic have helped many to navigate the balance of love and boundaries that is needed to create healthy families and raise amazing kids. These techniques can be applied to our adult relationships as well. This workshop is works to teach people specific skills for maintaining boundaries, agreements and love; how to take a step back from anger and approach our relationships with love, gentleness, compassion while taking care of our personal needs.

Intimate Exposure

Sarah Taub & Michael Rios

A key skill for living a powerful life is the ability to “show up,” to communicate your truth to others. Using a format called ZEGG Forum (not related to Landmark Forum), the facilitators create a safe, loving container where participants may step in front of the group and share what is going on for them. Profound shifts in consciousness can occur as we reveal or witness what had been hidden.

Sex and Aging

Jens Wennberg, Ken Haslam, & Nancy Miller

Nobody ever believed that “Old People” had sex! Now as we age, we find that our sexuality continues. This is another topic our parents never told us about!! Hot sex, loving sex does not have to end as we age!! But there are changes. What are the issues of positive sexuality, as we grow older? We have found that the spiritual and emotional parts have become stronger. The conveners will share their own experience of continuing sexuality into their 7th and 8th decades and invite other participants to share their stories too. Part of this workshop will be devoted to the men listening to the women discuss their issues; then reversing and the women listening to the men discuss their issues.


Freeze Frame Theatre

Have you ever wished you could press PAUSE in a tricky human interaction, to find a better approach?  Or even REWIND it some?  At the Freeze Frame Theater we’ll re-enact some poly scenarios with just that power – to stop and look together for a deeper understanding of a situation and discover more heartfelt and mindful approaches – as well as more effective ones. Bring your favorite (or least favorite) poly situations.  This is a very participatory and dynamic (and fun!) group process for bringing out our combined wisdom and empowering ourselves for the future.


Transformation 101
Got something in your life you’d like to improve?

Mark Shepard

Internationally known anxiety expert Mark Shepard has assisted over a quarter of a million anxiety sufferers around the world to stop worry, anxiety and panic attacks. As a master practitioner and trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnosis, Shepard is uniquely qualified to assist people who desire to transform their lives so that their inner and outer experiences align congruently. Shepard will share some key tools and techniques to “master your Mind for a change.” Participants will learn how to crush anxiety, identify and release limiting beliefs, install and strengthen empowering ones as well as how to anchor powerful, ecstatic and resourceful states so they can be instantly accessed at any time and a lot more….

My Body and Me

Lee Hencen

What do you like about your body? What don’t you like? What’s keeping you from unconditionally loving yourself? In this workshop we’ll explore how we feel about our bodies and how our feelings may keep us from being all we can be to ourselves and in our relationships. In a safe clothing-optional environment we’ll have the opportunity to take some risks and open ourselves to sharing those parts of our bodies that keep us from unconditionally loving ourselves. No one will be admitted once the workshop begins. Everyone will always be at choice as to how they participate and what they share.

Dance, Touch, Play: Contact Improvisation in Relationship

Victor and Elena

Contact Improvisation is a dance about relationship. Through this practice we can understand more fully the ways in which we meet each other physically and intimately. In this workshop we will explore play, touch & dance/movement with the intention of broadening our touch vocabulary, deepening intimacy and finding more joy with our partners. We will teach some of the basics of Contact Improvisation so that you get some grounding and confidence in the form. We will also touch upon some of the relationship metaphors inherent in the dance. Then we will open it up for an open, delightful jam! The workshop is open to beginners who have never experienced Contact Improvisation and to people already familiar with the form.

Connecting through the Mandala; Sacred Sexuality for the Polyamorous

Robyn Trask

This in depth interactive workshop combines the teachings of Taoist and Tantric Sacred Sexual practices to take you on a journey exploring what is possible when we tap into our most powerful creative energy. Using techniques of Tantra and Taoist fire breath, heart connection and energy exchange we will connect to ourselves and others in dyadic partnership, with multiple partners and with the entire group. It is recommended that you have some knowledge of Sacred Sexual breathing.

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