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Retreat Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that coming to a polyamory event for the first time can be a bit intimidating and people have many questions. Here are a of our most asked questions about the Loving More Retreat.

West Coast Retreat
2005 West Coast
East Coast Retreat
East Coast Retreat
East Coast Retreat
How is the retreat different from Poly Living Conference?

The Loving More retreat is small group experience for Loving More members. The smaller group and natural venue allow an opportunity to get to know people on a deeper level and have more experiential workshops. The retreat is clothing optional, and workshops are longer, more in-depth, very interactive requiring attendee participation(always with consent and choice). The attendees and facilitators are together for all meals, creating a cohesive weekend of fun and intimate community. Poly Living is a large hotel conference and a great place to learn about polyamory and to meet poly people from all over. There are more workshop options. It is in a hotel and the kinds of workshops we can do are limited. In addition you are on your own for meals and lodging which are not included at Poly Living.

Why is it required to be a Loving More Member?
Can single people attend?
Do I have to be polyamorous to attend?
Is there a dress code for the retreat?
The retreat is clothing optional… do I have to take off my clothes?
What are the lodging options?
When should I get there?
Are meals included?
Do I have to attend all workshop sessions?
Is this a good place to hook up?
What’s the location like?
What airport should I fly into?
East Coast Retreat




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