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Awareness of Polyamory Consensual Non-Monogamy Has Exploded  Bringing an Opportunity to Move Us Toward Polyamory Acceptance.



Polyamory awareness has exploded in recent years in a way we haven't seen in the past, Loving More has worked for many years to help bring polyamory awareness to the world.


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As a Loving More Nonprofit newsletter subscriber, it is likely that polyamory acceptance is important to you, that continuing to work with media, speak about polyamory at events and colleges, providing educational venues and supporting individuals in polyamorous relationships is a cause you feel matters in the world.


We need to raise $15,000 by July 1, 2015 to Keep Our Mission Moving Forward!

We are aware this is a big goal and we feel we can achieve it with your help. Raising money is one of the most challenging things Loving More needs to do as a nonprofit. Without it we will not be here to support the community and further polyamory acceptance. Raising $15,000 by July 1, would allow us to focus on our much needed projects and spend less time on creating numerous funding campaigns just to meet the basic needs. We really can't do any of this without YOU!! (All donations are tax deductible)

Making a Difference

Our goal ten years ago was to bring the word and concept of polyamory into the mainstream vocabulary and awareness. For the first five years it was a huge challenge to get the media interested and we worked hard finding people to go on talk shows such as Montel, Tyra Banks and to get coverage of polyamory events from news media such as the Baltimore Sun, Denver Post and Washington Post. We were thrilled to see an articles every few months or so. Now there are articles daily and reality shows looking for a sensational angle contact us monthly.

Our ambition is to use this momentum and media interest to bring acceptance of polyamory as a valid choice in love, relationships and families.

To continue this work requires funding. Any business requires money to function and a nonprofit is no different. Costs can add up quickly. Money is needed for overhead such as web hosting, rent, phones, internet and salaries. Just our office and basic overhead run about $800/month or close to $10,000 a year and this doesn't include salaries for the executive director or office support. In addition we have expenses for information literature, webinar hosting, newsletter support and informational booths at events such like Creating Change and Pridefest.
We want to expand our ability to do outreach, to provide information to student centers at universities, to have informational booths at events and provide workshops and speakers to conferences and universities. Money is needed for event fees, travel expenses and printing materials.

Projects and Events

Updating and Expanding the Loving More Website

The Loving More Website for many years has been a main go to website for polyamory information. Websites require revisions and updating as technologies change and movement grows. We are working to change the look and feel of the website to provide easier access to needed information for individuals and media seeking to learn about polyamory. We will be working on improving the back end infrastructure to improve information security, navigation and social media.

PrideFest 2015 & Creating Change 2016

Thanks to the support of the Rocky Mountain Poly Living Conference, we were able to secure a booth at PrideFest Denver, one of the largest Pride Events in the US, and enter a contingent in the Parade. Last year we handed out over 4000 information cards, brochures and other materials on polyamory before running out. We are hoping to print  more materials this year if we can.Creating change is another event that is great for networking and making connections with Universities and Groups. The event in 2016 will be in Chicago which will require more funding then this year's Creating Change which was held in Denver.
Loving More has been holding the torch for polyamory awareness and education for over 28 years. The organization paved the way for many people to explore polyamory, to find support, to meet others at conferences, retreats and support groups. Loving More has been there year after year to help people who are feeling ostracized and alone.

Funding will provide:

  • Printing of Handouts for  Denver Pridefest

  • Participation in the 2016 in Chicago Creating Change Conference

  • Funding to keep conference pricing affordable.

  • Scholarships to help people in need attend conferences.

  • Educational opportunities, webinars and workshops

  • Press releases and Media coverage

  • Salaries for our Executive Director and Office Support

  • Website upgrades to provide polyamory education to the public.

  • Marketing and outreach

  • Revision and printing of the FAQ

Every donation makes an impact whether you give $1,000 or $10 it all adds up. Keep in mind you can also opt for a monthly recurring and sustaining donation. Your donation makes a difference.


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