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As the premiere National Nonprofit for Polyamory Education and Awareness, Loving More understands the importance of working together. Local needs are best met by local leaders and Loving More Chapters is a great way to support local polyamory education  while bringing leaders together to work in cooperation with each other. Chapter groups benefit from helping each other and working toward a movement wide goal of awareness and acceptance of polyamory.
Chapters are satellite sup­port organizations who will help support their local polyamory communities with regular discussion and support group meetings; and provide education about the polyamory lifestyle while work­ing as a cohesive part of national movement and Loving More Nonprofit. With its national database, Loving More is able to connect people to a local Chapter or assist you in starting a Loving More Chapter in your area.


Why Join or Start a Loving More Chapter?

    • Loving More Chapters offer grassroots support for polyamory families and individuals on a local level.
    • Receive support from the National organization in the form of literature, magazines and speakers.
    • Maintain local leadership.
    • Fall under the nonprofit umbrella.
    • Have and maintain dedicated group page on the Loving More Website.
    • Collaboration and support for group leaders.
    • Help create major seminars and events in different areas.
    • Network and create a powerful national community working together.
    • Financial support for the national organization and the local groups.
    • Education both for the groups and speakers for colleges, universities and events.
    • Ability to find polyamory support locally that adheres to the Loving More Mission and Guidelines for chapters.

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