The Seven Laws Of Love – by Deborah Anapol PHD


he Seven Laws Of Love – by Deborah Anapol PHD

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As we search for love in our lives, most of us often feel as though we're on a journey without a compass — or even worse, with a faulty map. We are programmed from our earliest childhood experiences with scores of assumptions about love. We're taught male and female roles, and ways of seeing ourselves, that may lead to separation, fear and mistrust. These many fallacies and misconceptions lead us to associate love with disappointment and pain. In The Seven Laws of Love, Dr. Deborah Anapol gives us a warm, simple and universal guide to the principles that are common to all loving relationships. Drawing from the stories of the thousands of individuals and couples she has counseled in her workshops and private practice, from her own personal struggles and victories, and from sacred texts, Dr. Anapol distills love down to its basic essentials. Based on real-world observations, she identifies the seven laws that flow naturally from the true nature of love and shows how we can apply these to our lives. Her warmth, humor, utter honesty, and lucid writing style cut through the misunderstandings that get in the way of intimacy, and give us an accurate map to the source of love inside ourselves.

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