What Does Polyamory Look Like? Polydiverse Patterns of Loving and Living in Modern Polyamorous Relationships


What Does Polyamory Look Like? Polydiverse Patterns of Loving and Living in Modern Polyamorous Relationships is about the different ways in whick polyamory relationships can function and work.

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This is a great book for therapists, family members of poly's and anyone curious about polyamory. Easy to read it brings to the forefront the amazing diverse cultures within the polyamory community and how different ways of designing relationships can fit an individuals life.


"Finally, a book that explores what it truly means to be polyamorous by exploring the wonderful variety of poly relationships. Only through understanding poly's innate diversity can one grasp what open relationships can off er. Thank you, Mim, for a book that is relevant and useful, as polyamory moves out of the shadows and into the mainstream of society. It is an important resource for anyone who wishes to understand the growing poly movement as it changes our society and challenges our presumptions about relationships. Bravo!" Robyn Trask, Executive Director of Loving More Non-Profit and Magazine


What is your relationship dream, and what options are out there to choose from? We're familiar with monogamy, but what additional models of loving and living are offered by polyamory, and what do they look like in action? How is polyamory different from polygamy, swinging, or "cheating"? What new forms of etiquette are needed in order to nurture polys' varied forms of family? Is it really possible to have a relationship in which love does not equal possessiveness? "Any relationship, from monogamous marriage to business enterprise to polyamorous family, will benefit from the practical relationship advice found within the covers of this well-written little book." Matthew C. Cox, Life Coach and Author of Living the Southwest Lifestyle

"Just the right balance between information, candor, and lightheartedness." Dr. Fred Hillman, GLBT activist and retired Family Therapist

"Don't let the size of this little book fool you. What Does Polyamory Look Like? is chock full of information about how to build honest, loving, and lasting relationships. Therapists and educators, take note! Dr. Chapman dispels the myths of polyamory and teaches us all about how to create and sustain the relationships of which we've dreamed." Sera Miles, Director of New Mexico FetLifers

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