An Adventure in Polyamorous Love and Personal Growth

Romantic relationships come in many forms; some are magical brief encounters while others are deep emotional bonds that last a lifetime. Yet often relationships are judged and valued based solely on how long the relationship lasts and not the quality, lessons and growth we take away. When a relationship is short-lived people tend to trivialize it and even sometimes demonize the relationship or person as a way to cope with the pain they feel. Why is it that we ...

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Grief and Loss Among the Polys

By John Ullman

S has been gone for over eight years now. She died suddenly, a heart attack, at 61. Her death shocked our poly community, many of us being close to her age. We had lost another of us some years before, but it was an accident, a car wreck. Then we were stunned. But when S died, we were rudely made aware of our own mortality.

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