PL Philadelphia 2015


2015 10th Annual Poly Living Polyamory Conference


Poly Living is a place to learn relationship skills that support healthy polyamorous relationships, to connect with like minded people, explore possibilities and have fun.

February 20-22, 2015, Philadelphia, PA

Since 2005 when George Marvil hosted the first Poly Living Conference in Philadelphia, it has been the best place to warm up your winter with fun, learning and polyamory community. Whether you are new to polyamory and wanting to find out more, a professional interested in helping clients or an experienced poly person looking to have fun with old friends, Poly Living is a great place to learn, explore and connect with real people.


  • Fabulous Keynote Speaker
  • Friday Night Party and Entertainment
  • Educational and fun workshops
  • Time to socialize, learn and explore


Past attendees share their thoughts

“As a Poly Living newbie, my experience overall was awesome and you will be seeing me again!”
“It was amazing! I fell in love with a new partner!”
“Cannot complement Robyn, Jesus and staff enough for creating a wonderful learning, sharing and networking opportunity.”
“All presentations that I attended were of high quality and excellent content! Thank you!”
“Very grateful to the Loving More staff and volunteers for a very enlightening, entertaining, and uplifting event. Well worth it!”