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Five Shades of Poly - Which Are You Craving to Create?

Mim Chapman, PhD

Some people call polyamory "Designer Relationships" because each one is unique, and to design the relationships of your dreams, you need to look inside to see what your goals, dreams, and desires are, and how personality traits fit into different patterns of poly relating. We'll "act out" some of the common patterns that are emerging in the poly community, discuss the assets and challenges of each type, the agreements that need to be worked out, how new people are brought in, and aspects of "poly etiquette" that can make or break the relationships!  Prepare to look within, explore yourself and your desires, and taste some of the delicious flavor options out there in the poly menu or colorwheel!


Stepping on the Roller Coaster of Polyamorous Relationships

Jesus Garcia & Tanya Hixon

Navigating the ins and outs of polyamory can be a roller-coaster of emotional ups and downs. The workshop will cover the basic skills needed to help polyamorous relationships grow and thrive. We will look at pitfalls, joys and common issues people deal with in multi-partnered relating. We will cover everything from negotiating boundaries and discussing safe sex to treating all relationships with respect and building lasting love. Bring your questions and your personal experiences.


Your Jealousy Toolkit

Dawn Davidson

Whether you're polyamorous, monogamous, open, or other, jealousy can be a direct path into relationship hell. No matter how "enlightened" you become, sooner or later you -- or your partner(s)! -- will probably end up feeling angry, fearful, or upset in that way we call "jealousy." Poly people often feel jealous of each other, whereas monogamous people might feel jealous of the time their partner spends at work, with friends, or on a hobby. No matter what relationship style you're in, jealousy is no fun! In this interactive workshop, experienced presenter Dawn Davidson will share tips and tools good for both the jealous and non-jealous partners, choosing from a list that includes Trance Rehearsal, The Inner Child Meditation, How to Make a Jealousy Pie(-Chart), The Acknowledgments Exercise, Juggling for 'Idiots', and more! Come get your tools, get out of hell, and back on the road to relationship bliss! This workshop will be interactive. For those exercises requiring partners, you are always free to stay with the partner(s) you brought with you, or to work with someone new.



NRE vs. ERE: How to balance New Relationships vs. Established Relationships

Robert McGarey, M.A

Let's face it: new relationships are mesmerizing. When we've got those irresistible neurotransmitters exploding in our brain, creating intoxicating feelings of new love, it's easy to forget about the relationships that have been around for a while. The result? I've seen it; it's not pretty. This workshops helps you eliminate the tug-of-war between old and new and balance your relationships in a way that works for everyone, including you!



Ethics: Doing the right thing in poly relationships

Aggie Sez and IO

Polyamory is one flavor of ethical non-monogamy, but sometimes people are rather hazy about the “ethics” part. That’s often because ethics usually aren’t fun — they exist to help you make hard choices. In this workshop, learn how to clarify your own core ethics, and the values from which they spring — as well as those of your partners and others in your relationship network. Explore (through questions, exercises and role-play) relationship situations where ethics can make a difference.   What does it really mean to act responsibly, and to treat others with respect, consideration and fairness? How can you tell whether people in your relationship network are ethically compatible?  How to manage ethical quandaries and conflicts?  Ethics apply consistently across all your relationships. They can support situational, collaborative decisions — yielding new options and insights. Best of all, ethics can offer more peace of mind, and help you become the kind of person, partner and metamour you aspire to be.  Whether you’re new to polyamory or a longtime practitioner (or just curious); whether you’re solo or part of a couple (or moresome), whether you prefer or avoid hierarchy — getting grounded in ethics can help you have better relationships and a better life.



Discovering the 5 Love Languages, with Special tips for Alternative Relationships

Dawn Davidson

Have you ever tried to tell your partner that you love them, and ended up thinking your partner must be hearing in Swahili, while you're speaking Swedish?? If you've ever been confused by communications that should have been loving, but somehow left you both unsatisfied, workshop presenter Dawn Davidson can help you translate! In this fun and informative workshop, she'll explain Gary Chapman's 5 "Love Languages," help you figure out which you and your partner/s speak, and get you back to speaking the same language. She'll also cover some special aspects of using the Languages in multiple-partner relationships, and (time permitting) will touch on using the Languages with non-romantic relationships, such as with children, relatives, and in the workplace. Start speaking each other's Language; feel more loved; and get ready for your best relationship/s ever!


8 Things I Wish I’d Known About Polyamory (Before I Tried It and Frakked It Up)

Cunning Minx & LustyGuy

In love with the theory of poly but got gobsmacked when you tried it in practice? This session is for you! Join Cunning Minx, longtime poly and kinky podcaster, and her partner LustyGuy as they shares some hard-learned poly lessons gleaned from both their own experiences and from those shared by thousands of podcast listeners. Attendees will walk away from this session knowing how to identify key poly communication and relationship pitfalls and with specific techniques to apply to avoid them.



The Tai Chi of Relationship

Julio Cortés

What is tai chi and what does it have to do with relationship? This is what we will explore with lecture, discussion and a few key physical exercises. This workshop is a fun introduction to the profound art of Tai chi, with an eye on how we can apply it in our relationships and the world. The goal of this is to feel more grounded in ourselves and in our connections by getting an experiential clarity of these ancient and effective concepts.  The structure of the workshop is short lecture/explanation, stance practice, solo movement, and partner exercises with plenty of time for play and Q & A. Because of the active nature of the topic it is recommended that participants come loosely/comfortable dressed and very open to being physical and trying out new things, for the only way to really “get it” is to “just do it”. A playful and relaxed attitude is very helpful here, though it is not required. By the very act of participating, many will come to understand the meaning behind this. The point is to have fun while learning. So be prepared to laugh and be surprised, for tai chi, like relationship, is nothing like you imagined.


From Poly Zero to Poly Decadence:  The New Comer's Guide to Poly-Possibilities

Jana Williams-Harris

You suddenly find yourself a "newfound babe", introduced to a brand new world of multi-faceted connection, a world full of passion and promise.  Wouldn't it be nice to have a "sneak peek" guide to help you along the way?  Listen, share, and learn in this light-hearted, fun workshop about one woman's experiences, and about how you, too, can achieve poly decadence.



If Polyamory Means "Many Loves," What Does "Love" Mean?

Andrew Trahan

A bona fide safe-space for polyamorous folk to connect about Love!  This will be a facilitated Consciousness-Raising on anything and everything related to this crucial yet baffling topic.  "Anything" and "everything" will emerge though the intimate sharing of each participant.  This is not a typical workshop.  The facilitator, Andrew Trahan, has no agenda to move forward.  My only intention is to set and maintain a specific framework (the Consciousness-Raising model, as introduced in brief below) which will empower all the participants to speak their truths, bare-witness to the truths of others, and –thereby – start to discover what love is!  A Consciousness-Raising, as developed in the 1960s by the Feminist Movement, is a very distinct form of activism based upon the axiom that "the personal is political."  Our personal thoughts, feelings, truths, and experiences, as polyamorous people, co-create our Poly Reality and our Poly Movement.  In order to ensure that our space is safe and purposeful, each participant will agree to a number of guidelines (described in greater detail at a later time, abiding to 200 word maximum here), including: only polys allowed, speak about your own experience, no interrupting, total confidentiality, and more…



Rewards and Challenges of Poly and Sex Positive Parenting

Robyn Trask & Marina Reiko

Raising children can be challenging and wonderful all at the same time. Raising kids in a polyamorous family while the in a wider mono-centric world can bring a unique set of issues. Issues can be further complicated in trying to overcome sex negativity and pass positive messages to our kids on sexuality, love, relationships, orientation and gender. Building trust and a strong foundation with our children is important in their development into well-adjusted adults.  How do we deal with school, friends, extended family and even coming out to our children? This open discussion we will talk about the challenges faced by polyamorous parents. How can we be true to ourselves and support our children in the broader world? We will include how to talk to kids about sex, polyamory, bisexuality and other sometimes challenging subject as well as helping children through unforeseen crisis.


Sex and Aging - Secrets of Sensuous Seniors

Mim Chapman, PhD

Whether we're 16 or 60, we're all aging - it's the in thing to do!  But we live in a society that tends to associate sexuality with youth, and we are bombarded by standards of beauty and sensuality which are  age-related. Yet we also know that learning to love ourselves (and others) takes time, experience, and practice - so if we're living consciously, we become better lovers every year. We are all aware of the changes that happen as we age, yet they are not always discussed openly and positively. In this interactive workshop, we'll learn more about ourselves and each other, share the joys and challenges of maturing, and find ways to keep those sexual fires stoked, assuring creative, juicy intimacy all the way to the grave!


Kicking Poly Drama on Its Ass

Cunning Minx & LustyGuy

Are you non-monogamous, polyamorous or polykinkerous? Are you tired of promises of openness and honesty only to get stuck in a giant morass of overly complicated relationship drama? In this session, Cunning Minx, host of the popular Poly Weekly podcast, and her partner, LustyGuy, share tales of common poly drama and tips on how to avoid it. By the end of this session, you’ll learn how to define drama, identify the sources of poly relationship drama and apply techniques to combat drama whenever it appears. By the end of this class, participants will be able to: define drama, identify the sources of poly relationship drama and apply techniques to combat drama.



Actually, it is About the Sex

The Frisky Fairy - Rebecca Hiles

When talking to the monogamous community about polyamory, it is common to hear that "it's not about the sex", but for some of us, it truly is! The insistence on desexualizing polyamory sends a sex-negative message to the rest of the world about our movement, and can often isolate and alienate the people who would help the movement grow. Find out how to reconcile your beliefs that polyamory is not about the sex, with your enjoyment of sex (casual or otherwise), and join in the discussion on encouraging personal relationship choices, and understanding polyamory as an orientation as well as an identity. presents: NAKED Truth

Sante and Tara

NAKED stands for Naughty and Kinky Erotic Discussions. We bring people from the poly, swing and kink communities together to share, mingle, learn and have fun! Whether you are new to sex-positive culture or a seasoned vet, we invite you to join us for some informative Q&A and stimulating conversation. All experience levels welcome!



Love, Intimacy & Sacred Touch

Robyn Trask

This experiential workshop is an adventure in connection and touch. Working in small groups each person will have an opportunity both give and receive sacred touch. Through intention and awareness we will together create a safe space of love to foster intimacy, touch and nurturing. Bring an open heart and dress comfortably. – NO LATE ENTRY

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