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The Bandwagon Is Rolling. Now What? – By Alan M

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  1. Dear Mr. Alan M.

    To steer the bandwagon in the right direction, your suggested guidance is very valid.

    I just want to understand your view or what is the meaning of my some personal feelings.

    I try to live honestly and always say that if you can not love then just leave. It is no fun hurting any one if they do not agree with your life style or thoughts on how to live and enjoy, by continue staying with them and suffering them with your thoughts and views with which they do not agree.

    The problem I encounter is that mostly I love or feel love only for the member of opposite sex and while I do not dislike or hate or feel anything negative for members of the same sex but my thoughts & feelings are always cordial and loving for the members of opposite sex.

    I respect and even consider my role model the members of same sex but my amorous feelings are strictly for the members of opposite sex.

    Look forward to your valuable feed-back and comments/guidance – Thanks.

  2. Evan Mulvaney says:

    Hi Alan,
    I am very impressed by Loving More and the efforts of so many
    wonderful beings to move love to a higher and wholesome level. I
    am very concerned about your notion “mass consciousness”. I know
    from my own experience that once one embraces loving more one’s
    consciousness is different. It has CHANGED to BE more LOVING!!!
    So, I believe that polys who have become more loving are such beautiful
    souls. We have fought the good fight. And, really there is nothing to stand
    in our way of embracing the future. We don’t need to worry about the “package”.
    This is part of the cruelty of love that I feel polyamory addresses and encourages
    people to define what love means and what is important for them.
    So, your worries are definitely taken to heart. But, I feel that the discipline that
    polys take on transform any obstacles that may occur.

    Thanks for your great article,
    Evan Mulvaney

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