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Court Decision in Brown V. Utah County

Judge's Decision, in Brown V Utah County, is a Great Victory and a Step toward Ending Years of Oppression of Polyamorous and Other Non-traditional Families!

kody-brown-sister-wives-photo_jpg_pagespeed_ce_KLKE2IXqtDA court decision handed down late Friday, December 13, 2013 by Utah US District Court Judge Clark Waddoups to strike down portions of Utah’s Anti-Bigamy Law dealing with cohabitation in the case of The Browns (from the TLC Reality  Series Sister Wives- Photo Right) V. Utah County has far reaching and powerful implications, not just for polygamous families but for polyamorous families as well. Utah, along with many other states in the US have Anti-Bigamy laws that include non-married cohabitating adults as part of their anti-bigamy/polygamy laws. These laws, though rarely enforced, have an effect on polyamorous families and their ability to work, live and raise children. Fear of prosecution, job discrimination and child custody issues keep many polyamorous families closeted and isolated. This is a first step in opening the door for legal protection of people and families who choose to live in polyamorous arrangements.

This is an exciting step toward legal protections for people and families who choose polyamory. We as a movement still have a long way to go.

See New York Times article and Polyamory in the News Website for more details on the District Court Ruling.


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