• What is Polyamory?

    Polyamory refers to romantic love with more than one person, honestly, ethically, and with the full knowledge and consent of all concerned.
    What is Polyamory?
  • About Loving More

    Loving More® is a national 501c3 nonprofit organization, dedicated to supporting polyamorous relationships, ethical non-monogamy & relationship choice through educational events, webinars, articles, and promoting awareness and acceptance.
    About Loving More
  • Polyamory Conferences & Education

    Each Loving More produces two polyamory conferences, Poly Living in Philadelphia & Rocky Mountain Poly Living in Denver. For 30 years, Loving More has been creating a safe place to find support, learn skills, and experience polyamory community. In addition we periodically produce webinars teaching skills for multi-partnered love and relationships.
    Polyamory Conferences & Education
  • Media Awareness

    We maintain an extensive list of media contact and send regular press releases. This has resulted both directly and indirectly in many articles, radio and television shows being produced expanding polyamory awareness. We maintain a list of polyamory families, individuals and experts we can connect with reporters and producers.
    Media Awareness
  • Loving More Magazine Online

    Quality articles on topics related to polyamory and polyamorous relating. We welcome submissions and appreciate the many volunteer staff writers who share their wisdom with our community.

    Loving More Magazine Online

  • thank you so much for all the work you have done! It was really great to join your conference. I have learned a lot and experience more inner peace than ever, which is an amazing feeling!–Warmest regards,L.

  • one love! I thank you from deep inside of all of me for this article. thank you also for all the work that you do and have done for so long. Sharing your personal journey into poly with us is very courageous and encourages the rest of us to free ourselves too. I am personally seeking information about triad specifically the closed vee fmf types. I enjoy your website and I feel comforted by your words.
    I hope to attend one of your conferences someday soon.–thank you again,W.


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