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Loving More 2012 Retreat Presenters

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Carol Morotti-Meeker, MS,MLSP

Carol is a social scientist and clinical professional in practice near Philadelphia, PA with people involved in polyamorous and other alternative loving styles. She is involved in serving on national poly boards and  a co-editor of a guide to polyamory for therapists through NCSF.



Claudia Lanigan

Claudia Lanigan is trained in numerous healing modalities; she has a passion for healing and helping people. Claudia combines powerful tools of Theta Healing, nurturing touch, massage and Young Living essential oils creating a holistic approach to health and wellness. She believes that it is not enough to offer therapeutic healing, rather that it is essential for people to involve themselves in their own process of healing.


Ben Silver

Ben is a singer, musician and poly and bi activist who has been in an open primary relationship for 26 years.  He and his partner started a support group for committed non-monogamous relationships in the ‘80s which met monthly for over 15 years.  As a performer, Ben’s music slides through folk, R&B, funk, jazz and back again; he sings about freedom, the environment, LBGT issues, parenting and love.  His writing has been published in “Carry it On,” ”Sing Out” magazine and the book “Hearing Everyone’s Voice.”


Robyn Trask

Robyn is the Executive Director and Editor of Loving More Non-Profit and Magazine since October 2004.  She has been openly polyamorous for 21 years, a mom for 23 years.  Robyn has been running poly support groups, teaching and facilitating relationship and sexuality workshop since 1999. She has done numerous interviews on polyamory for radio, television, newspapers and magazines articles.


Yankl Josephson

Yankl Josephson is an ordained rabbi, has worked in various rabbinic jobs during his career.  He and his spouse have been polyamorous for several decades.


April Oshun Grace

April Oshun Grace is inspired by the nexus of personal and cultural evolution. Her formal studies have been in environmental health, social justice, intercultural leadership, and regenerative development. She holds a Master’s degree in Intercultural Leadership from The School for International Training where she’s received training in facilitating experiential learning and change. April’s favorite personal mentors have included Joanna Macy, David Bohm, Arnold Mindell, and Richard Moss.

April has facilitated workshops and dialogue in a variety of intercultural settings. She is currently writing a book encouraging the idea that what is indeed most healing to our Lives, and wholing to our world, is our quality of attention within in all our relations.

Prior to this work, April was an organic farmer and cheesemaker, and served  for years as an activities coordinator for a community of “life-sharing” homes in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts. Life-sharing is an alternative living arrangement for people with differing abilities to participate meaningfully in communities.


Jesus Garcia

Jesus is a native of the San Francisco Bay area who began exploring alternatives to monogamy in 2004. In 2005 he attended his first Loving More Retreat. In September 2006 he was invited to join Loving More’s Board of Directors. He has worked at raising money for many worthy causes and has been a great help as Loving More makes it’s transition to non-profit. He has worked in the computer information technology field since 1995. In college he majored in Biology and Psychology with an emphasis on bio-psychology.


Mark Shepard

As a gifted and prolific songwriter, Mark struggled early on in his life with stage fright, fear of rejection and self sabotage that stopped him from not only pursuing his passion but being the kind of person who shows up authentically in life. After 30 years of deep work and exploration of the human pysche around love, life and creativity, what has emerged is an multi-dimensional creative and performing artist who's work is transformative and healing.


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