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Loving More Summer Update

It has been a busy summer for Loving More Nonprofit and our volunteer staff with many exciting events on the horizon. After a  a fire, great Colorado event and moving the Loving More Office we have been busy planning for the coming year.


Fundraising is crucial to keeping Loving More here and working for Polyamory awareness. Hard financial times are putting the squeeze on many nonprofits and Loving More is feeling it. Ongoing monthly donations of $20 to $30 go a long way in supporting Loving More as an organization. Support a good cause , please donate now.

Legal News:

Kody Brown Case – The Brown family, of Sister Wives fame, has filed a lawsuit in against several Utah State Officials claiming a violation of civil rights based on the Lawrence Decision and right to privacy. A full write up on the story can be found at Polyamory and the News blogspot. Loving More will be closely following this case and working with the press to help the public understand the polyamory perspective of the case.

Poly House Party:

Our thanks go out to the Poly House Party Team for a great launching of what will hopefully become an annual event. We appreciate tremendously the effort and the over $800 raised for Loving More by Boston Poly, Anita and Baltimore/DC poly and Colorado Poly Community. The funds were much needed and much appreciated. The many parties around the country and in Cananda varied from potlucks hosted by individuals to organized events in pubs. The feedback has been great and we look forward to an amazing event next summer.

New Office:

We have new office in Loveland that is proving to be a much more suitable space for all that we do. This fall we will be hosting a series of lectures for our local community.


The Rocky Mountain Campout was a wonderful experience in community despite the unusually high and hot temperatures. We look forward to next summer when we will schedule a bit earlier in the season and hope for cooler weather.

National Polyamory Retreat

The 25th annual Retreat is just around corner and we are excited by the new format which will allow for a cohesive and intimate weekend. We are gearing up for what will be another wonderful and relaxing experience immersed in polyamory community. Retreat Info

Beyond the Bedroom

We are excited to announce Loving More is co-producing with AESA (Advocates and Educators for Sexual Awareness) an amazing and unique event Beyond the Bedroom; Exploring relationships and sexuality. This educational event is designed to reach out to people from all walks of life with workshops on communication and relationship skills as well as exploring alternative relationships and sexuality. We have several major sponsors supporting our efforts and are expecting 300 to 400 attendees at this groundbreaking event.  www.bedevent.com

Poly Living 2012

Poly Living 2012 registration is now open. We have a limited number of deeply discounted full weekend registrations for $85 for the first 20 registrations. As of this update we are down to ten remaining. The deadline for this offer is August 20, 2011, after that the price goes to $125. Full information can be found on the Poly Living Web Announcement.

I look forward to seeing many of you at upcoming events and I appreciate your support of Loving More Nonprofit.


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