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Welcome To PEPTalk

Welcome to Loving More PEP Talk online.

Twenty six years ago Loving More started as a newsletter called PEP Talk which stood for Polyfidelity Educational Productions. We have continued to this day to produce the magazine under PEP Publishing, so it seemed a good fit to bring back the name for our online blog magazine.  As we launch LM PEP Talk over the next few weeks we will be refining it and adding several poly experienced staff writers from across the US and adding special topics or columns. We are excited to be working with some fabulous poly people from a variety of backgrounds, ages and interests.  As always we welcome submissions for articles, poems, artwork and stories from anyone interested in writing. See our writer’s guidelines for submission information.

Special interests or subjects we are looking to cover include bisexuality, queer and poly, mono-poly, coming out, poly and aging, young and poly and any ideas you all have an interest in as long as it is relevant to polyamory and/or relationships. Personal stories of transitions, challenges, joys and relationship shifts are always welcome.

If you are interested in being a part of the writing team contact our Executive Director and Managing Editor, Robyn Trask, [email protected] or call 970-667-5683.

Thanks for your interest; we look forward to your feedback, submissions and input.

Robyn Trask

Executive Director
Loving More Nonprofit


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