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Poly poeple needed for Media interviews and TV

heart-peopleMedia interest in polyamory is increasing and we have need currently for poly people willing to talk to the press.  In the past few days I have been contacted by five different media people for stories on polyamory.  We are looking for the following, poly people in the bay area of California, 20 and 30 something poly men are two very specific needs.  One of these is for NBC another for an online magazine.  We are looking for poly families, networks and singles for another TV Documentary.

We have one inquiry from Discovery Health that I myself am not sure about but I will put it out here.  They do a show “Pregnant and ….”. They are looking for a pregnant poly woman.  I told them it was not likely but I would put it out there.

If anyone is interested in doing some media please let us know.  The current list we have is a bit outdated.  Remember before you do any media check out the organization inquiring.  If they often do shows with lots of angst and drama that is probably what they are planning.  We will check all these out and give our experienced feedback and recommendations.  We always like to keep in mind any media is a reflection on the community as a whole to the world and we like to help programs we feel will help the movement not make it a freak show.  What we do need is diversity of people from young to old, Christian to Pagan, singles to networks, childless to toddlers, gay, straight, male, female and everything in between.

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