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Polyamory Makes the Daily Show

daily-show-334x350Well polyamory of a sort.  I was watching the Daily Show last evening when they did a story on gays wanting not only marriage rights but the right to get divorced.  In their true comedic style, they were doing an exaggerated story about a minister who opposes gays getting divorced  “No Gay Out – Jason Jones believes that God Intended man and woman to be stuck in a loveless union, not gays” .  They threw in how gay marriage hurt sthe sanctity of marriage between men and women and started interviewing a couple about how they felt about gay divorce.  The couple said they believed in “equality under the law” and did not have a challenge with gay divorce.  The reporter then asked how the husband’s girlfriend felt about it and panned the camera back to show a woman on the man’s other side holding hands.  I was floored and cracking up.  In true Daily Show style it quickly went down hill from there as the reporter dimmed the lights and they then cut to the triad in bed with the reporter standing over them holding a dildo.

It was very funny though I am not totally sure it is good.  Still the Daily Show has an audience of millions, it is about comedy and the entire skit was a satire on the right wings ridiculous arguments against gay marriage.  This kind of media shows people are noticing open relationships.  You can watch the show at http://www.thedailyshow.com/ .

So yes the concept has made it to the big time The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

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  1. Heh…a friend had e-mailed me asking if I knew anybody in Texas who might be willing to do a spot on the Daily Show, and I posted about it on my LiveJournal and had folks contact me about it. Not sure if those are actually my LJ friends or not (’cause I never did hear if they’d done it, and me being in Ohio, they’re folks I haven’t met face to face yet). But hey – I feel all famous and stuff. *snickers*

    Link to my livejournal entry regarding last night’s show: http://mseuphrates.livejournal.com/791547.html

  2. Sorry to disappoint you, Euphrates! We actually heard about the skit from an email sent out to members of a “lifestyle” club we sometimes attend here in Dallas. Turns out they had a really hard time finding an open marriage couple willing to talk about it on TV and we were the only ones who responded. Sucks they cut out so much of the good stuff out of the interview, like describing how our relationship works and all that jazz, but it was a comedy sketch so it worked for what it was! Much love.

    J. Reagan

  3. Hi Joy – Thanks a bunch for stepping in and helping the Daily Show make this happen.

    I’ll have to say that Daily Show’s trouble finding a poly couple or threesome to appear surprises me. We poly leaders who work with the media do have our challenges meeting media requests at times, but in this case I certainly didn’t hear that they were looking for anyone, and I doubt anyone else in the poly community who works with the media has, since we all share this kind of information and spread the word to help meet media needs. So I have to wonder just how hard Daily Show producers tried.

    Regardless, I liked the piece a lot and blogged about it myself at http://tiny.cc/UVHYU

    Anita Wagner

  4. Awesome, Anita. Thanks for the review! Maybe they just had trouble finding people in Dallas/Ft Worth, TX who were willing to “out” themselves. Who knows. I’m just glad we got to do it! 🙂

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