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A Note from Loving More Executive Director Robyn Trask

Loving More Nonprofit is excited to announce the launch of two exciting projects we have been working on over the past year to implement changes we feel will serve the community.

Loving More Nonprofit Website Revamp

First is the revamping of the Loving More Website to a much improved CMS which will allow us to make updates quicker and keep up with the changing needs of the community and polyamory movement. The website launches just in time for the release of the documentary March 5, 2013 on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) with Lisa Ling in her show Our America. The show will feature three polyamorous families in an in depth look at the polyamorous lifestyle, including my family (Robyn Trask, Jesus Garcia, our family and community).

See the Our America website for local listings and air times of the show.

The new website brings all the great content from the existing website as well as much new content. We will go live with the basics and over the coming months be making additional content and functionality to better serve Loving More Members and the community. We invite you to look around and let us know your thoughts. Check out the wonderful articles in Loving More Online Magazine, the great information available on the website and check back in the coming weeks as we add content and information.

Loving More Nonprofit Chapters

In addition Loving More Nonprofit is proud to announce the creation of the Loving More Chapter Groups. These chapters will be satellite support organizations that will help the local communities learn and explore about the polyamory lifestyle while working in a cohesive national movement. With its national database, Loving More will be able to connect you to a local chapter or help you setup a chapter in your area.

Chapters will have access to:

1. Educational support and speakers

2. Literature, magazines, pamphlets, etc.

3. Listing and group web page on the Loving More website

4. Operate under the Loving More Nonprofit umbrella

5. Fundraise and bring events to your local community


Much more is coming down the line for both Loving More Nonprofit and the polyamory movement. We look forward to seeing the response to the documentary and to riding the growing wave of interest in polyamory. We will be here to answer questions, educate and support our wonderful Loving More Community.

Support for Loving More Nonprofit comes from memberships and donations. As a nonprofit charity, we rely on the community to keep us going. Please join, become a member, make a donation and keep the information flowing.




Robyn Trask

Loving More Nonprofit


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