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  Loving More wishes you a year of love, abundance and happiness from our hearts to yours. Though it is not technically a new decade, 2010 feels like one to me just as 2000 did.  So much has happened for the Poly Movement over the last decade.  We have gone from no one knowing the […]

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Happy Holidays

  Loving More would like to wish you, your family and lovers a wonderful and magical holiday season. We hope to see many of you in February in Philadelphia.  Until then please know you are in our thoughts as we move into the New Year 2010.  It is the support, warm friendships and connections that […]

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Tiger Woods Media Frenzy

When I first heard the Tiger Woods hoopla, I ignored it as just another gossip fest about someone famous.  A few days later, I was personally dismayed when I saw Tiger Woods leading the headlines in USA Today while a story about four police officers being killed in Washington State was not as important.  The […]

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French Television Polyamory and The Butterfly Effect

The French show Effet Papillon(The Butterfly Effect) Canal Plus films did a show on polyamory partly filmed at the Loving More Retreat in September.  The show is in French but looks fairly positive.   It has been posted to You Tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCjghdk_pE8 . I personally enjoyed working with the French Film crew and I appreciate their […]

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The Newsweek article

The Newsweek article has stirred up a frenzy of comments and posting on their website because of the July 29 article, Only You. And You. And You.   It is always interesting to me to read the comments after an article in mainstream media on polyamory.  There is always a prolific and strong reaction of […]

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Loving More Call for Articles

We are looking for Articles for the next issue of Loving More Magazine. Deadline next issue September 10, 2009 We need articles with a polyamory or relationship focused theme. Examples of possible topics; coming out poly, transitional experiences in poly, bisexuality, making polyamory work long term, reconciling poly with traditions of family or religion, history […]

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Loving More New Blog and First Online edition.

Welcome to the Loving More blog, where we will keep you up to date on what is happening with Loving More and issues relating to polyamory, relationships and other issues.  Blogs will be posted by Loving More Board members, staff and board advisors. We are pleased that one of our first blog posts is to […]

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