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Primary, Secondary: The Misunderstanding of Hierarchy in Polyamorous Relating

Being polyamorous in a mono-centric and dominator culture can be at times confusing. Often people lack the language, skills and mindset to understand their own feelings and complexity of their relationships let alone explain this to others. To cope with some of these issues the polyamory community has created language and constructs to help in […]

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Five Reasons Agreements Fail

[NOTE: This article is an excerpt adapted from my Agreements Workbook Series (aka “KISSable Agreements) to appear later 2013. If you’d like to get word as soon as it becomes available, feel free to join my list by downloading one of the free tools on my website (remember to give me a valid email address, […]

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Poly Living 2013 Workshop List

Register Now for Poly Living, Philadelphia, February 8-10, 2013 or click here for more details. Click Here for Workshop Presenters ~~~~~~ Workshop List This is a partial list and is subject to change! ~~~~~~~~~ Nuts and Bolts of Polyamorous Relationships Jesus Garcia and Robyn Trask Navigating the ins and outs of polyamory can be a […]

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Poly Living 2013 Presentation List

Register Now for Poly Living, Philadelphia, February 8-10, 2013 or click here for more details. Click Here for Workshop Presenters KEYNOTE ~~~~~~ We’re Out of the “Poly” Closet–Now What? By Kamala Devi Speaking up about multiple loving relationships can be a huge risk. Why is coming out considered such a civil responsibility? You could lose […]

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Poly Living 2012 Schedule

Philadelphia, PA Preliminary Schedule Friday February 10 4 PM – 7:00 PM Check in and Registration – Registration and check-Come to the registration desk; pick up your Conference Package/schedule, name badge and get yourselves all checked in.    We advise all people to get checked in first, then head out to grab some dinner before the […]

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Redefining Faithfulness

By Mystic Life I was recently asked, via my blog, to respond to the question I’ve listed below from a woman who was (like most of us) raised to be monogamous. Upon reflection, I felt that my response may be helpful to readers who are still in the process of defining their values, or who […]

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Polyamory Movement Headed for Rough Seas as the Wave Crosses into the Mainstream

Interest in poly and people exploring or choosing polyamory is exploding, not just in the US but around the world. With this growth and the influx of more mainstream people both old and young, the opposition is beginning to notice and it may get ugly. Several things have spurred this growth; Organizations like Loving More, […]

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International Polyamory House Party Weekend June 3-5, 2011

It’s not too late to participate in Polyamory House Party Weekend! This International event was created by a group of volunteers from the Polyamory Leadership Network. The first EVER international DIY festival celebrating *your* polyamory *your* way. It is kids of four parent households, poly-fi triads, primaries and their play partners, the ethically non-monogamous, the […]

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