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Robyn, Jesus, Marina,Michael (left), Jessie, David and Amanda (below) wishing you and your family, love, joy and happiness


Jessie, David and Amanda
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My name is Robyn Trask and I'm the executive director of Loving More, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting and educating people about ethical non-monogamy and how to create healthy polyamorous relationships and families. As the holidays approach and the year comes to an end the Board, my family and I are proud of all we have accomplished and how the polyamory movement is growing.
My appreciation and gratitude go out to; all of you for supporting Loving More, to our awesome Loving More Board of Directors (pictured below) and especially to my family (Pictured above) for the hours of volunteer work they have all contributed to keep Loving More moving forward.
Since the early 1990s, Loving More has been working -- successfully -- to create wider public understanding of polyamory and the good values of polyamorous people. If you are not currently a member we invite you to join us in our mission and dedication to polyamory support and awareness or consider a tax-deductible donation of support this holiday season?  Please go to https://lovingmorenonp.wpengine.com/membership to become a Loving More member or https://lovingmorenonp.wpengine.com/whydonate to donate or pledge further support.
In April, we received our nonprofit letter from the IRS stating that we are certified as a public charity.  We were overjoyed: champagne, confetti, elated phone calls to partners and friends.  Messages went out to all & sundry.
We are happy to see you subscribed to our list and hope you're having a good experience here.  As you may know, this list is only one service among many that Loving More provides.  Our national conferences energize and connect people experienced in polyamorous relationships.  The website and the magazine continue to be vital.  We are also an effective and much-resourced first stop for press inquiries from all over the world.  With all that we do, we are grateful you are here with us.
We protect your interests in changing times, and we strive ever to bring you fresh ideas and energy to sustain your love styles.  We cannot exist without your support.
Please make your tax-deductible holiday gift before the year ends at lovingmorenonp.wpengine.com/membership to becom a member or https://lovingmorenonp.wpengine.com/whydonate to donate.  Your generosity is much needed and appreciated.
May joy and abundance visit you and your loved ones during this holiday season.
Love and light from my family to yours,
Robyn Trask
Executive Director
Loving More Non-profit


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Loving More Board Wishes You a Wonderful 2011


Loving More Board: (pictured above right) Top Board Members Ken Haslam, Mim Chapman, Anita Wagner
Bottom Executive Director Robyn Trask and Board Member Jesus Garcia

Board Member Virginia Trask (pictured above left)

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