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Loving More 2009 Polyamory Retreat

Smiling Faces at Loving More 22nd annual polyamory retreat
Smiling Faces at Loving More 22nd annual polyamory retreat - by Joe Melhado

Wow, what an amazing weekend at Easton Mountain.  Not only did we get to catch up with old friends but we made new ones with almost 50% first time attendees, several from overseas.  We had attendees from Germany, France, Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy and Puerto Rico this year which was really great to experience.  It was incredible to meet and get to know so many awesome people.  We have already booked Easton for September 10, 2010 and can’t wait to see all of you again in Philly and at next year’s retreat.

Easton Mountain’s hospitality was above and beyond as always.  The food was good, the temple peaceful, the sauna was hot and the garden was delicious.  The retreat had a fantastic line up on the schedule.   From the workshop on poly parenting to the one on body image all the presentations were outstanding and many people expressed thanks for how much they learned.  The post retreat hangout was great fun.  We enjoyed the hot tub, deep discussions around the dinner table and a snuggle fest with a private musical performance by Ben Silver.  Anita Wagner, Loving More Board Member, again worked to raise money for Loving More with a prize drawing and successfully raised over $350 (Yeah Anita!).

As is so often the case neither I nor any of the Loving More staff were ready for the weekend to end.  We would love if the whole world could be this open, honest and real as what we experience each year with all of you who join us.  Thanks for a great weekend and for all the new connections.

Love and Light,


Robyn Trask

Executive Director, Loving More

[email protected]


  1. Hi Robyn.

    Yeah, I am at the picture, wow, what a red hair!
    thank you so much for all the work you have done! It was really great to join your conference. I have learned a lot and experience more inner peace than ever, which is an amazing feeling!

    I am looking forward to integrate some of the lessons learned in our book: Love Unlimited-The Joys and Challenges of Open Relationships that will be released in Aprilk 2010.
    I will never forget my first experience at the Loving More Conference, and I will spread the word here in Europe!

    Warmest regards,

  2. Ditto from here. Driving back into the ordinary world of gas stations and highway rest stops felt like driving a time machine back out into the Dark Ages. Luckily we can make small pools of light. That sometimes join up. Still high from the weekend. . . .

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