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Poly Living FAQ

We understand that coming to a polyamory event or conference for the first time can be a bit intimidating and people have many questions. Here are some of our most asked questions about Poly Living. If you have more questions, please call us at 970-667-5683.


Can single people attend?

SeanYes, we welcome people coming alone and/or with their partners. This is a common question, as some people perceive  Poly Living as a couple oriented conference. It is not a swing event nor focused on couples; it is focused on polyamory. We often get a mix of singles, couples, triads, quads, etc.



Do I have to be polyamorous to attend?

No,  Poly Living Polyamory Conferences are open to people who are polyamorous, in an open relationship, swingers, exploring open relationships or just curious and want to learn more about how open and polyamorous relationships can work successfully. The large hotel conference offers multiple workshops for people learning or curious about possibilities beyond monogamy as well as workshops for long-term polyomorists. Many attendees are here to support family or are professionals such as therapists, researchers, lawyers who feel polyamory and non-monogamous relationship issues may affect their clients.


What is the age range of attendees? AgeGraph PolyLiving

Poly Living Polyamory Conferences attract people from a wide age range from early 20s to late 70s.



What is the newcomers circle?

 We highly recommend people coming for the first time to Poly Living attend the newcomers meeting. This is an orientation to Loving More events and Poly Living. For people new to polyamory and open relationships or those who have never attended we offer a place to ask questions. meet others and learn a little about the weekend. this meeting can be really good for those we are nervous about attending or don’t know anyone else attending. Start off the weekend meeting other newbies, ask questions and set the stage for a wonderful event.


Is there a dress code for Poly Living?

Poly Living is a polyamory focused educational event; as such we recommend dressing comfortably and note that some workshops may have you sitting on the floor (check your program descriptions). Poly Living is a hotel conference and we ask that people dress in clothing appropriate to the public areas of  the hotel; shoes and shirts are required in the public areas of the hotel.


When should I get there?

We recommend arriving mid-afternoon Friday, around 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Check-in opens at 3:00 pm and the Keynote is at 6:30. Arriving by 3 gives you time to settle in, visit with people, relax and grab dinner before the Conference Opening and Keynote. But you may arrive late if you need to.



What are the lodging options?

Hotel rooms are not included in Poly Living Conferences. You can book a room at a discounted conference rate for each conference. Check the specific Poly Living Conference web page for hotel booking and details.


Are meals included?

In order to keep prices down for Poly Living Conferences most often meals are not included at Poly Living though occasionally lunch will be included Saturday, check the specific Poly Living Conference web page for information on meals. We do have a list of local restaurants at the registration table.


Is this a good place to hook up?

Loving More and Poly Living events are educational in nature and not really a place to come if all you want to do is hook up. In particular, people’s boundaries are highly respected and we create a very safe space. That said, many people do make lifelong connections with both friends and lovers at events. We tell people “come for the learning and community, and be open to possibilities if you wish.”



How is Poly Living different from The Loving More Retreat?

Poly Living is a large hotel conference and a great place to learn about polyamory, open relationships and to meet poly people from all over. It is a great place for people just learning about polyamory relationships, people who identify as polyamorous, have been practicing polyamorous relating for years as well as professionals, therapists, academics and others interested in the polyamorous relationship style. There are plenty of workshop options. Poly Living is in a hotel and the kinds of workshops we can do are limited. In addition, meals and lodging are not included at Poly Living.


The retreat is an experience in polyamory community and what Loving More started as its conferences many years ago. It is much smaller and more intimate. The retreat is an all-inclusive clothing optional, and workshops are longer and more in-depth and interactive . The retreats include dorm style lodging on a private 180 acre retreat site. The community is together for all meals, giving an opportunity to connect deeply with people.


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