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Work Exchange Application

Work Exchange

Work Exchange is for folks needing a discount and/or wanting to participate in the heart of the conference by helping the staff with much needed support to bring everything together at the event. 

By filling out this application you are intending to sign up for work exchange for Poly Living 2024. Work Exchange is 4 to 5 hours of help over the conference weekend, before, during, and after the event in exchange for discount admission. The Work Exchange coordinator will  have a sheet with duties and times for you to sign up for. There will be a mandatory training Friday afternoon before the conference (usually 2pm), this is when you learn registration duties, bookstore, and other needed support jobs. We do our best to have no work exchange during workshop times as we want you to e able to fully enjoy the event.

Once submitted, our work exchange coordinator will reach out to you with details about what's available, and they may have questions before finalizing work exchange. Filling out this form is not a guarantee that it will be avialable, but lets us know your interest.

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