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Presenters are essential to a great event, and finding the right balance and workshops for each event is challenging. We like to have a balance of discussions, lectures, and interactive workshops for hotel events. We also seek to strike a balance between the subjects offered, from skills and personal growth to activism and academic oriented presentations. The retreats have longer sessions and we look for more in depth, personal growth, and hands on workshops. Careful thought about this balance goes in to the scheduling of workshops as well as the event workshops are submitted for. If you are more academic and lecture oriented, hotel events probably suit you best, and the retreat if you like presenting hands on personal growth workshops. Please keep this in mind when submitting presentations.

  1. Presenters are expected to attend a pre-event meeting Friday (or first day) afternoon of the conference or event, exact time to be decided.  (Some exceptions can be made and we may request an additional meeting for the retreat)
    1. We will go over the schedule and discuss any last minute details, challenges, or changes. You will also be able to meet other presenters. We find this meeting helps presenters and the conference to run more smoothly.
  2. Presenters are expected to attend the full weekend of the event. If you don’t want to participate and be part of the polyamory community then we feel you may not be the right fit for our events (some exceptions can be made for special circumstances, please talk to us).
  3. The schedule is designed to be balanced. Each session we strive to have a variety of presentation topics and levels to provide the best experience for attendees. As such your workshop could be scheduled anytime during the event. 
  4. Poly Living events start Friday afternoon and go through Sunday 5pm (unless otherwise noted). Presentations can be scheduled anytime Saturday between 9am to 6pm and Sunday 9am to 5pm, please keep this in mind when making your travel plans. Retreats may start on Thursday and/or end on Monday, and presentations will be scheduled accordingly.
  5. You will have a limited time for your presentation. We ask that you adhere strictly to the schedule and remember that if you go over, you are infringing on other people’s time. Please stay within the time frame allotted. If you run over, staff may come in to start setting up for the next session.
  6. For Poly Living, presentations are one hour and twenty five minutes.
  7. Retreat workshops are usually one hour and forty five minutes, but can vary.
  8. In addition to the Friday meeting, presenters are required to check in with the conference coordinator at least 10 minutes prior to their presentation. This is extremely important to make sure you are set up on time.
  9. All presenters will be asked to stand at the opening meeting/keynote (Conferences only), so you need to be present and on time to the event. At retreats, presenters will have an opportunity to introduce themselves in the morning the day they present.
  10. The attendee guidelines apply to presenters as well as attendees and are sent out prior to the event.
  11. Requests for projectors, whiteboard/flip-charts*, and/or speakers must be made at the time of submission. Projector slots are limited and assigned on a first come, first serve basis, so submit sooner rather than later. Whiteboards and projector may not be available at retreats. Note on flip-charts: if you need to use more than eight pages of the flip-chart, we ask that you bring own.
  12. Know that as a presenter, the participants will be looking to you as representatives of the polyamory community and Loving More. You may be asked for guidance and information. We have confidence that you will be professional and honor the boundaries and privacy of the participants and each other.
  13. We do have counselors as part of the staff for the weekend for those in need, registration will be able to contact them when needed.
  14. Poly Living Conferences are hosted in a public hotel; please keep this in mind when preparing your presentation. Unlike Loving More Retreats, clothing optional workshops are generally not a part of Poly Living, but we can make exceptions. They do require advance approval of Loving More and special accommodations within the hotel, so please let us know in advance if this is part of a workshop you have planned.
  15. The more intimate setting of Loving More Retreats allows an opportunity for more hands on, in-depth workshops. Retreats are clothing optional, but at times a workshop presenter may ask for attendees to be dressed in their workshop. Please let us know if this is the case.  – One example is if we have a Cuddle Party during the retreat.
  16. If you have questions or concerns you can email us, but we ask closer to the event that you call rather than email. We often receive a high volume of email in the weeks before a conference, it can take a bit to get back to people and email can get lost in the shuffle.
  17. Loving More is a donor supported Nonprofit with limited resources, we ask the presenters agree to help in promoting the event. Fliers, PDFs, and other materials will be made available. Only through community effort and working together can we grow the events which benefits all of us from presenters to attendees.
  18. You are responsible for your travel and hotel expenses. Costs can vary depending on location and type of event. If you need financial assistance to present, please let us know. We want everyone to have the opportunity to participate and will do what can to help you. As our funds are limited, there is no guarantee, but we will do our best to work with and support you. Email [email protected] for information on presenter financial support.
  19. We provide admission for one presenter per workshop/presentation at Poly Living Conferences. Additional presenters are given a discounted registration, coupon codes will be sent upon acceptance of presentation. In addition, you may register up to two partners at the discounted rate.
  20. Panels are limited to five people or less at Poly Living.  Panels at the retreat should be made up of presenters already on the schedule.
  21. Retreat presenters will pay a discounted registration fee. Retreats include camping or basic lodging and food, as such we cannot comp presenters. Presenters pay a discounted registration fee for the event.
  22. We welcome you submitting more than one presentation. You will need to fill out a submission form for each workshop.
  23. Your presentation description and bio must comply to the word limit, if they go over that limit they will be edited down.
  24. Typically we list presenters name and bio with a head shot on the event website and in the program. If you do not want your legal name or image on the website, you need to let us know. Pseudonyms are fine.
  25. Submission does not guarantee acceptance. Typically we receive three to four submissions for each available slot.
  26. Acceptance of submitted presentations will be emailed to you and require confirmation. Once we receive confirmation we will email you registration instructions. All presenters must complete the registration form.

Guidelines can be modified for specific events and will be emailed for your review upon presentation submission acceptance.

Thanks for your help, we look forward to working with you!

Loving More Nonprofit

970-667-5683, [email protected]

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