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Polyamory House Party 2011- Colorado


The Red Head - Colorado House Party Hostess

The Colorado Polyamory House Party was a blast. For our party we reserved a back room at the Exchange Tavern in Westminster Colorado.

International House Party Organizer Amanda Lubow

Attendees were encouraged to dress up for the occasion. Around 40 people showed up, we enjoyed good food, cocktails and great conversation. The evening was a great way to focus on community and diversity within polyamory.

Please share your own stories from your local International Poly House Party and pictures with Loving More if you would like. Please get permission for Loving More to publish any photos.


  1. Our Poly House Party Cookout/Hot Tubbing party in Maryland was a big success with 60+ people in attendance. They came from a wide range of local groups, i.e. poly, kink, intentional community and bi women. Everyone contributed $10 to the cause, and my darlin’ Tim paid for the food as a contribution. There was lots and lots of fun conversation on the deck, in the hot tub, and in the house the entire evening. We lit tiki torches outside which added a nice ambiance. So the party went strong from 6PM to 2AM. We even had to gently usher some stragglers to the door, they just didn’t want to leave! So people are raving about what a good time they had. They and some who couldn’t come this time are asking when the next one will be.

  2. Poly House Party in Hollis NH a Success

    On Sunday evening Family Tree hosted about 17 people at a home in Hollis, NH, as part of Poly House Party Weekend. We welcomed some new folks as well as regulars for a delightful evening of socializing, potluck food of all descriptions, a showing of Terisa Greenan’s “Family” poly comedy/drama series on the big screen, and late-evening conversing on deep topics in the (crowded) hot tub, halted only by closing time.

    The donation hat collected $447 (including $250 voted from Family Tree’s treasury), divided almost equally between Loving More and the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association. Thanks to all who made this a success — and especially to the homeowners for donating the use of their wonderful place!


    Alan M.

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