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Polyamory Featured in Prime Time Documentary Tonight!




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Date: Tuesday, March 12, 2013


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Polyamory Featured in Prime Time Documentary Tonight!




Lisa Ling show Our America  "I Love You and You and You..."

air date March 5 and March 12 on Oprah Winfrey Netork.

True to her previous shows, Lisa Ling did her homework and brought a balanced hour long show on polyamory. It was amazing to see a show where polyamory was talked about in the context of love, community and family connections rather than focusing on who is having sex with whom or who is too jealous to deal with it. This documentary did not focus on the bedroom, the sex or even the challenges, though jealousy and some other issues were mentioned and discussed intelligently. The show did focus on the community and family aspects and the growing number of people willing to try polyamory as a possibility and choice for relationships.

The show features three polyamorous families from differents parts of the US, each with their own unique poly family. The documentary included Loving More Executive Director Robyn Trask, her partners; Jesus Garcia,  LM It Director and John as well as Robyn's sixteen year old daughter. Also featured is a family of five young adults who live together in Philadelphia and a triad with an eleven year old daughter in Washington State. 

The show will encore March 12, 2013 at 9:00PM Eastern time and Midnight (technically March 13)


The video clips should be available for some time on their website.

Check local listings for OWN for the encore presentation of "I Love You and You and You..."

Our America with Lisa Ling

Press Information

For Immediate Release

Statement from Loving More Spokesperson and Executive Director Robyn Trask

About Loving More

Statement from Loving More Spokesperson and Executive Director Robyn Trask

"For me, working with the producers, crew and Lisa Ling was a delight. They were respectful, careful and very interested in the subject. They wanted to show another choice or possibility in relationships and they did. We spent three days in person with the crew filming at our home, and many weeks working with them to find families to include and information so they could learn about polyamory."

"The show does a great time focusing on the significance of community and family that is of great importance to many polyamorous people. I am excited about the amazing show they produced and it's importance in helping people understand polyamory."

Robyn and Jesus are available for interviews. Contact Robyn Trask at 970-667-5683 or [email protected]

Loving More Nonprofit has just launched a new Loving More Website full of valuable information, articles, terms and much more on polyamory.


Executive Director

 Name:  Robyn L Trask

Position: Executive Director and Editor, Loving More Non-Profit and Magazine®

[email protected]


Listen Now - 2010 Radio Interview with Robyn, Jesus and Ben


About Loving More

About Loving More®

 Loving More Non-Profit Corporation

PO Box 1658

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Loving More History

Board of Directors/Volunteer Staff

Robyn L Trask, Executive Director and Editor ([email protected])

Jesus V Garcia - IT Director/Board President ([email protected])

Virginia Trask – Board Secretary

Vashti Maat - Board Member at Large

Mim Chapman, Ph.D - Board Member at large

Loving More Mission

to educate people about and support polyamory as a valid choice in loving relationships and family lifestyle.

What we believe

Loving relationships and healthy families can come in many beautiful and valid forms.  How people choose to experience relationships and love is an individual and personal choice.  Through education about polyamory and other relationship or love styles, we hope to allow people the freedom to be open and honest about their personal love and relationship choices, without fear of the prejudice or hardships that being non-traditional can bring.  Through education, publicity and research, we intend to open the door to freedom and safety for those who choose polyamory as individuals and as families.

Loving More® is a national non-profit corporation and 501(c)3 charity, educational website, online community and magazine dedicated to the support and education of polyamory and polyamorous issues, supporting the polyamorous community both nationally and internationally for more than twenty five years.  The Loving More Website offers information on polyamory including terminology, FAQ, links, professional listings and is a portal through our links to local, national and international groups/organizations about or related to polyamorous issues.



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