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The Short Hot Summer

Fire, drought, flooding, it has been, to say the least, a trying summer for many people. Jesus and I have returned home and are in the process of putting our home and lives back together.  Now that the fire threat has lessened, we are dealing with the aftermath. We are two miles downstream of the fire and dealing with flooding and well contamination.  Our animals are still evacuated (very hard to give them bottled water). Some damage is covered by insurance and some is not and we are still sorting it all out.

We know we were not the only ones affected by the fires, flooding, heat and drought in the west and across the country and our heart goes out to all who are dealing with disaster this summer.

Time can fly when you are in crisis and this summer it has. The retreat is just around the corner and we are looking forward to a relaxing weekend of wonderful old friends, family and new friends to meet. We hope to have the presenters and schedule up in the first week of August. We are still in need of a few presentations, you can email [email protected] for information.

We are in the process of playing catch on six weeks of work. We have orders backed up and IRS reports to do. We ask your patiences as we work to get everything back up and running.

We sincerely appreciate all the supportive emails, notes and donations during the High Park disaster.  Many have asked how they can help and the best way is to make a donation to Loving More or better yet join us at the retreat in September. We are out of private rooms but still plenty of space.

Warmest wishes for a relief from the heat for all of us.

Robyn Trask

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